Leah Versola: Dance

With encouragement from her mom + sister, Leah Versola tried her first dance class at 9 years old...and now she’s headed to the iconic Ailey School. Read more about Leah’s life journey through dance in her full Passion Preview below ↓


Why music?

I got interested in my passion at 9 years old, after my mom and sister convinced me to try a dance class. I ended up loving the class because I was learning how to move my body in new ways and express myself in a unique format. Dance became my passion for the next 9 years and I never stopped loving it.

I loved dance so much that I decided to leave Elon, my college, after the first year to try and pursue dance again after missing it terribly. I auditioned like a mad woman and to my surprise I was accepted to the Alvin Ailey School, where I’m starting classes this Fall. I’ll also be continuing my education online, because I’m still passionate about getting my degree as well. So don’t give up on your passions or your dreams, because you never know where they might take you in life!


To someone not interested in dance:

I would say that even if dance is something you have no interest in, go to a show or try a class whenever you can. Dance is such a beautiful art form and I truly believe that everyone should experience dance in some way, shape, or form in their lifetime.

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