Peter Jessy: Music

Canadian singer-songwriter Peter Jessy uses the power of music to express himself + deal with life’s ups and downs. Read his Passion Preview below ↓


Why music?

I’ve been listening and creating music ever since I can remember! I’ve never been good at expressing myself or talking about my feelings, so music was a really good way for me to do that. It started out as writing songs about silly things like not wanting to clean my room to tackling serious things like mental health. Music is the only way I know how to deal with certain situations. Take a bad experience, and turn it into something beautiful!


To someone not interested in music:

I feel like music is so universally important. Even if you’re not the one writing the songs, listening to certain music can help you no matter what you’re going through. From happy songs to dance to or sad songs that make you feel understood, it’s all important.

Passion Emoji: 🎶💙✨

You can follow Peter on Instagram + find him on Spotify here.